jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

The Curse Of Your Eyes

Time, Time for romance
Two players, one dance
On the edge of the knife
On the edge of the...knife
Knowing what's the risk
Which lives in your eyes
Just the look of your eyes
Like poison, like fire
Like poison, like fire
Sheets, mantles, and candles on this place
Are the center of your game
Where I agreed to play believing I could win
I'm blind, I'm your slave
From this circle I can't escape
You made (it)with cavities of water and... fire
It burns in my mind
And I don't know why
I tremble for your hands
Caress me and go down
My clothes are out
Passion continues while you weave
This thin net will be
My tragic fate which soon one day I'll live
Pleasure rules the night
Though behind you there's a knife
One time you'll use it without... doubt
For you there's no doubt
You won, you were the one
Who never fell in love and I cry
With this hellish knife stuck in my heart
And you know, And you won
Thanks to the course of your eyes
The curse of your eyes
The curse of your eyes
The curse of your eyes
Daniel Villanueva para Absentia

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