domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

Margareth - The House of the Lost Lovers Part I (10) - The House of the Lost Lovers

It’s time to tell you high
You’re not alone this day.
Your home is my house
And I’ll never go away.

Well go to sleep this night
There I’m seeing you everyday
Crying for the time
Is passing without him.

Don’t want today
Change your heart because…

Long time I saw this coast
Where you kissed me and then you said
Good luck, go to the war!
I’m proud of you, go away.
This time I saw the lies
You weaved all with chains
I can smell it in my house
And I only can fell hate.

Don’t try to change
Her love for the lord.

I’m the owner of this place,
Here I’m crying for
All my misfortunes of past days
Long time has gone.

Runs Melissa by the stairs
Seeing my shade to walk.
Seeing some glasses in the air
Wich then they will fall

There’s no illusion!
It was real all you saw!
Due to what you’ve done!

(Whispers from the ghost)
“Don’t try to escape from me
You already don’t break your love
I know you’re afraid
When you see I’m a ghost.
Only one must be dead
But I’m sure you’re not this one
He comes from away
And soon I could see his blood”

Daniel Villanueva

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Says the leyend (09) - The House of the Lost Lovers

Says the legend, that long time ago in this place, a rose born very green and with a lot of force. All plants around saw her and the envy rotted his souls: One tried to grow enormously to do shade to her; another tried to drown her roots. Then, that’s rose began to feel hate, and she killed all the plants that tried to end her soul.

Long time later, a man in love decided to build in this place his home. He was married with his loving Margareth, who wanted to kill the rose. The war exploited, and the lord of those lands clamed the presence of the owner of this house. James was his name, and encouraged by his wife, he decided to leave his home and going towards the war.

He fought for his life and fought for his love; for his supposed love… two years later, the winter comes to his life when he comes to his home. Margareth had a little child, but his father was the Lord. She had cheated his husband; she would have wanted that James had died in the war, to be forever with the Lord.

With a Knife, she did something terrible; the same thing who did time latter her also supposed love: she killed James, but then, she died by the hands of her dear, the Lord. “Did you ever think I’m with you for love? No, I don’t; this precious house is the reason of all. That’s the place where I would like to live forever” – Said the lord, minutes after the both murders.

Minutes after he also died; something unnatural from the own house decided to end his life. The shade of James; the shade of a rose…

Daniel Villanueva