sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Some Day - Honour & Blood Part. III (07) - The House of the Lost Lovers

Melissa, scared, goes to his home without him;
The colonel is angry because he wants to live
Inside these walls, without knowing something (is) seeing him…
Soon he’ll take his revenge!

Main Theme
One year has happened from that day
My love I left behind
And I’m right here under your chains
Alone in this night.
Just a year of fear and mistakes
Shouts me high
So, I want to break this kind of life everyday
And return with my…

My love cried
At home, where I want
Some day
To return in this time
There’s fear in my house so I want…

Some day
I’ll be with my love, one night.
Some day
I’ll desert from this slaving life.
Some day
You said “one day I’ll be fighting with you some day”
(Some day) whisper.
I’ll leave this war behind
To my house I’ll came

To the arms,
this life,
Your lies,
My cries,
More dies!

Daniel Villanueva