viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Ynis Llanddwyn (04) - The House of the Lost Lovers

Sunday morning
You and I,
Ready to expose our love
For the humankind
Birds are flying on the sea,
Singing high notes in the sky
Blue covered by peace.

Our words tremble now here
Cause we promise feel the light
Of our love wrote on a ring
I give you like my life.

Long time after
Down this dream
Love dances sound in this beach
The coast of Llanddwyn
Passion’s growing in me… but
How much time rest to bad times?
How much time rest to bad times?
Soon you’ll say goodbye
Soon I’ll see you my dear

Our hands tremble now here
The fate brokes our lifes
And my love wrote on your ring
Now goes to a war.

And I
Will be alone in this land
Of nowhere
And I
Will be waiting for your
Someday, someday, Someday, someday
Someday, someday, Someday, someday

Daniel Villanueva

(Photograph by Rob Sanderson)

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