lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

Love Passion Night

Days passed,
My dear love
And our passion grew deeply
And you see,
My dear love,
How many miles we walked around
This feeling, unclearly…
Inside roses we just heard the sound of wind
How could I stop the time to always...

...Send my emotions made by myself ?
...Sleep below candles and forever rest?
How could I find the way to never end
Our begining steps?

Some candles light the sand
And water wets your dress .
Pleasure rules our hands
While moon lights from west

Our bodies are now one
Like one team playing chess
Where light darks, (and) darkness brights
This day...

This night we come back to this place
Don’t mind what we ever made
It’s time to relax
And feel that nothing could be changed.
My whisper streams your hands,
And there’s no place to hate.
Fears turn into illusion
Cause we both fought against this...

On this Love Passion’s Night.

Dear, can you remain
Our infantile game;
The water, my fire,
The sand and the air?
Now dance without care
I will always be there:
Your slave or your guide
Who will conduce you...

This place where I once embraced you;
Where “May Be” got real.

Daniel Villanueva
Para Absentia

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